two rescues
two rescues  
Hello I have few questions about heath of iguanas. I currently have three of them. My iguana earl I had him almost two years about 4ft snout to tail weighing maybe four to five pounds heathly as could be so im not and experience with them. The other two I took in are two feet total. Tails broke off and was housrthouse together before I took them. The previous owners claim to be arpund three years old. One seems to be passive one very aggressive. I put mean one in quite room and modify my earls cage big cage so now I cut a quarter of that into a mini cage earl doesn't seem yo care since hes a free roamer but today I came home to small new iggy on earls basking spot ontop of cage with earl right there. Earl didn't puff up showed no aggressive behavior just moved over his eyes were relaxed but small iggy head bob and try to get ontpp of earl. Earl just kept moving no signs of anger I was wondering if little ig was trying to be alpha? When little ones where caged there was alpha and omega I of course separated them. Noe other question the mean little iggy has had black head for few days is that sign of stress?  They are both eating also and lighting is perfect. Also the ig in the big cage is very active compare to meam ig is. It because hes stressed? New place? Thats all. Thank you for your time. The picture I attached is my iggy earl. The other picture are the two I took in

Earl is NICE!  I can't get the pic of the recuses to open???  Anyway, here's want I can tell you.  Iguanas are solitary in nature-hence, it is best that they have their own space in captivity.  That's not always possible I know, but it is the best practice.  I would say the "mean" one is trying to claim alpha status.  If Earl is ok with that it might not be a problem... BUT if Earl decides he has a problem... so does that other iggy.  The black head could be hormones or it could just be it's natural color.  I can't really see it so I can't really comment.  I see Earl is basking in front of a window.  I'm hoping you know that glass blocks UV.  They all need either unfiltered sunlight or a UVB basking bulb.


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