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QUESTION: I have a 5 1/2 year old leopard gecko who was attacked by my Maine coon cat a little over a month ago she was a fat healthy gecko, she lost her tail in the fight got one puncture wound under her neck and a small cut in the corner of her mouth but luckily survived I brought her to a vet and they gave me a prescription to help her fight infections, but soon after I ran out of the meds she shed then the cut under her neck swelled up over night and shes had difficulty eating I cant afford to go to the vet again and I have been doing warm bathes and keeping her in a sterile environment when I push out as much of the puss as i can and i researched trying to find more ways to help her and found this sight and saw your answers to other questions so im going to start putting Neosporin on it but other than that is there anything else i can do to help her? shes a huge part of my life and i cant imagine losing her like this please help me!!

ANSWER: Hello Steven,

Oh that is too bad, I hate to hear that.  I am glad she survived!  Do you have any pictures of her I could see?
What antibiotic was prescribed for her?  
Yes, most definitely.  You can use neosporin or polysporin either one.  Also, silver cream is very very good as well.  
Is she eating much right now?
If not, I would recommend getting some chicken or turkey baby food & using a plastic syringe or plastic dropper to feed to her.  She needs the extra fat to help regenerate the tail.

Are you keeping her tank temperatures optimal at around 88-90 on the warm side?

Let me know how she is doing.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: tems are in high 80s and the name of the medication is baytril. I gave her .2mils once a day for 7 days. and she got infected still.

ANSWER: Hello Steven,

That is a pretty good lump.  The baytril should have helped out.  You could maybe give another round.  How strong is the Baytril?

How did the treatment go today, with using betadine & ointment?
Are you giving a probiotic also to help her GI tract since she was on meds?

let me know how she is doing.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: they didn't say anything to me about probiotics, I had no clue

Hello Steven,

That's ok!  She wasn't on medication for long.  Sometimes though it really helps them out to be on probiotics just to help clear out the system & the GI tract.
How is she doing today, any improvements?

Keep me posted on her.



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