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mystery snake
mystery snake  
Hello, I have recently found a snake at work. It is approximately 18" with a girth of approx. 1". It is the beginning of the summer here in Western NY (Fairport NY) and this little monster looks nice and fat with all the baby toads that recently hatched. Everyone keeps telling me it is a Garter snake but the markings just don't match with any pictures I've seen. Going by images it looks more like a Queen snake to me but the markings down the spine are different from a Queen. Any help you could render would be appreciated. Thank you.

Sorry, I'm going to have to agree with those saying garter snake.  Two reason-1st the checkering down the back, 2nd the location, queen snakes (according to my literature) don't range into NY at all.  Garters can be HIGHLY variable in coloration so pinks and reds aren't unheard of.  Very nice looking snake!


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