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Recently I noticed I noticed I have a breeding pair of geckos in the same cage so i set up all the necessary gear as far as I know then I sexed my other gecko and found she was a female as well can I just place her in the main habitat with the breeding pair generally without a problem do you think thank you for your time Jonny !!!!!!

Your geckos should be sufficiently old and have enough weight before they are bred.  If your geckos are too young, you should separate them.

It's dangerous for females to be bred when they are too young.  They are prone to egg binding, and their bodies may be dangerously depleted of calcium by laying eggs.

Females should be 45 to 50 grams before being bred.

Generally, leopard geckos will be fine set up with one male to several females, but they are all individuals, and you'll need to observe them carefully for weeks after an introduction, to make sure they're getting along.  At any sign of aggression, or of one animal losing weight or not utilizing all areas (heat, hides, etc), separate them again.


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