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Reptiles/Water dragon died of unknown reasons


About a month ago i got a baby water dragon, quite young at least, it was the second one i owned. Its setup consisted of coconut husk reptile bedding, a medium sized bowl of water, a basking rock, a vine for climbing throughout the tank, a separate bowl for non-live food, some fake climbing plants, with a heat lamp up above the basking rock. The lamp used a regular 75watt bulb during the day, and a 75watt black nightlight bulb at night. I misted the tank twice a day and changed the water daily. For food she got about 5 crickets a day and she had a dish of blueberries and lettuce, but she never really ate that as much as the crickets.

My air conditioning was fixed recently so the house has been a bit cooler and i thought that may have had something to do with it but the temp change of the tank stayed between 85-90.

But a few days ago (about 3) she started getting less active, just laying around with her mouth open? And she stopped eating, although i got her to drink she just wouldnt eat, and just became less and less mobile.
About an hour ago after keeping an eye on her all day she fell of her vine and didnt really move, she was barely breathing. She died about 5 minutes later.
I have absolutely no idea what ive done wrong, but im heartbroken and worried.
I have a 3 year old bearded dragon also, way more lazy so the lack of activity isnt really new but shes turned a darker color and doesnt eat the food given to her as quickly as normal.

I know its hard to tell with the details being read not observed, but do you have any idea if my water dragon was sick or if i just didnt take care of her well enough or what?
and if she is sick could it go to my bearded dragon also?

Lexy, first of all I empathize with your loss. I would recommend reading this piece first of all which directly addresses most issues reptiles go off feed. It sounds to me as if you potentially obtained a wild caught lizard and it wasn't checked by a vet and may have had some internal parasites of some type. The bearded dragon however may be a heat issue. It's very hard to diagnose without hands on seeing the enclosure and the animal itself. I hope the above helps in some way. I know that doesn't do a lot but now. I always recommend a yearly if not every six months check up with a qualified reptile vet for any reptile pet as they are so much different than the usual mammal pet and we are still vastly ignorant of their communication or reading their behavior in captive environments. I wish I could be of more help. Also here is the article we did on Captive Care of CWD


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