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QUESTION: Hi Tracie,

You've been emailing me, I sent you the pictures of my sketch for vivarium, I tried to reply to your last response but it wouldn't let me. Yea when she got territorial she was swishing her tail and not wanting to be picked up, since then shes been out for hour or so though and been fine so no worries there. Do you think she needs a basking lamp then?

She's not showing very much interest in food today and yest but she has done that from time to time since the last few weeks, I always leave mealies in a bowl just incase she changes her mind when I go. Came out briefly last night but sitting here at the moment and she's still soundo lol.

Hopefully she becomes more of an early waker soon.

here are some pictures of how the sketch is coming to life

ANSWER: Hello Tegan,

Wow those are great pictures!  Nice colors & that would definitely help you see what you are doing when feeding her.  
Yeah, I think you can only hit respond so many times per thread before you have to start a new thread/topic.
It is so interesting to watch them swish their tails though!  She may do that from time to time, just when they are interested in something.  Does she twitch her tail when she is hunting?
She may not eat daily but that is ok. Leaving a bowl of mealies in for her is a good idea.  Does she use the calcium powder in there yet?

Maybe eventually she will get up earlier just to see you!  

Let me know how she is doing.


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QUESTION: I think she uses powder and water although never seen either, she did however poo in front of me last night lol I would have looked away had I known so she must be getting comfortable. Hoping she eats tonight but still looking and acting healthy.

Her hunting is somewhat to be desired though she doesn't twitch tail and normally misses them the right go, plus sometimes she licks the repashy powder off one and walks away lol. Wondering if the pet shop made her lazy but I try to encourage hunting as much as I can, don't believe she's ill as she was perky last night when out and poos are looking good (well as good as poo can look)

You think I should up her temp to 34? someone suggested some prefer higher but I wouldn't want to make her suffer.

I didn't realise could only ask so many times, I won't keep pestering after this. Has just been really nice to have someone to talk to.

Tegan ;)

ANSWER: Hello Tegan,

You can increase her temperatures to a range of 28 to 34 but I wouldn't go any higher than 35 or so.
The cooler end which should be no problem with your tank size should be around 26 to 28 or so.  
I am sure that there are plenty of gradients available though in the tank.  
If she needs the calcium powder, she will lick the calcium in the dish, or you can powder her insects too if you aren't sure she is taking enough in.  
Well, hopefully she will start getting more accurate with her hunting skills! She may not have hunted very much at the petstore, I agree.  
Is she getting ready to shed now?  She may lose some of her appetite or become a little lethargic/lazy prior to shedding.
That's ok if she doesn't twitch her tail prior to catching her prey.  Some don't but some do so they are all different with their behavior.
I am glad to hear her stools are looking normal though.

No worries!  It is great talking with you about little leo.

Talk soon.

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QUESTION: She's looking really colourful last night wondering if she's shed. She had looked a little pale prior but not the dull white I've seen in pictures. Managed to get her to eat two dusted mealworms last night not that's it. Hoping its due to eating a shed although could not see any remminents on her body.

She has food dusted with repashy and pure calcium in lid in viv. Goes in new viv Friday so want her to eat a lot before then. May be getting a juvenile for the smaller viv. Can't make the money back on it and ATM Half the mealworms die as they don't get eaten in time (even with fridge to slow them down) so wont cost more on food.

Have bought a wax worm as back up for food. Only getting one though lol.

Any recommendations on juveniles welcome :)

Hello Tegan,

Wow look at that fat tail!  She looks great.  :-)  
Has she shed already?  She is definitely a hypo tangerine morph.  She will likely eat her shed though, they do that.  
At least she did eat a couple of dusted mealies last night.   
The repashy diet is very good & is fortified with calcium also.  That is cool you will be getting a younger one now for your smaller tank.  I hope she adjusts well in the new tank!
The waxies are normally loved by them, too.  It sounds like she is really doing well right now.
You are doing a fantastic job with her.  She is very lucky!

Talk to you soon.


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