My sister lives in a house on a main street.  It is very busy.
She has little lizards I believe they are salamanders they are
running all over the place.  They are all over the steps and run
up the side of the house and the driveway and step landing.  They
are really bad that sometimes my sisters has to scare them away
before she can go in the front door because they are over the   screen door and landing.  What can she do to get rid of them.    She doesn't want to kill them just get rid of them.  The wall in
the driveway is made of stone and has drainage pipes in it.  I
notice that's where they run into a lot in the drive way.  It is
really bad and she doesn't want them in the house.  She lives by
herself and is afraid of them.  Please help thanks

Hello Cheryl,

Gosh, that actually sounds interesting seeing all of the salamanders around.  
How large are they & how many are there?
The only thing really to do is try to catch some of them to rehome & relocate them to another area.  Or she could call an animal shelter or an agency similar to ask for help with getting them relocated without killing them.  

Are there any animal rescue facilities around which would help with reptile/amphibian types of animals?



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