My sisters lives in a house on a main street, lots of traffic.
She has little salamanders running all over the stair and up and'
down the house and driveway.  The driveway does have a stone wall
and it has drain spouts in it.  Is there any thing she can put out or use to keep them from running all over the place constantly.  She has to scare them away to get inside the front
door sometimes.  I don't necessarily want to kill them but just
have them move away.  Is there something we can put out or use
to make them go away.

Hi Cheryl,

Your sister's visitors are unlikely to be salamanders. That would not be their natural habitat or behaviour.

It sounds more likely that they are European Wall lizards which are an introduced species in Ohio. They were introduced in Cincinnati originally in the 1950's and spread from there.

Their natural habitat would be stone walls and rocky or brick/cement areas. The brick and pavement provides heat while the stone wall provides both heat and shelter.  

There are really no effective lizard repellents although you will find some products for sale claiming to work. You may see reference to using mothballs but I would strongly discourage that. Moth balls are very toxic and can be eaten by pets, birds, squirrels etc. They are also carcinogenic.

Some sites claim that spraying a solution of water and citronella oil deters them but I can't vouch for that method.

As the cooler weather approaches they will start to disappear.

There are some photos and info here:


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