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Hi we brought home a baby bearded on wed of last week, it is now Monday. Since coming home he has eaten one cricket and won't touch veg we also have to make him drink by putting drops on his nose. He is shedding currently, we also just discovered that we were not informed properly about our lighting system and were not given a UVB light (I put one in this morning) my question is could one of these factors be causing him not to eat? Or could it be something else? He's also very lethargic. I'm very worried he's very tiny and seems like he should have eaten more at this point. ( he's about 4 inches in length from nose to tail tip)

I hope you can help us

Hello Amanda,

He is a very tiny baby & it is difficult for them to adjust when they are that young & small.
What is your set up like, which UVB are you using now?  Is it a tube bulb or a compact/coil light?
What are the temperatures in the tank, also?  Do you use a digital probe or a temp gun?
He needs a bright white basking light mounted along side of your UVB tube bulb.  The Reptisun 10 tube bulb or the Arcadia D3 12% tube bulb either one are fine to use.  He should be within 6-8 inches of the light without a screen or plastic in between him & the light.
The basking spot needs to be a range of 95-110 with a cooler end of around 78-82.  

Not having a UVB or being kept at the proper temperatures can have an affect on his appetite along with relocation stress, also.  It may take him 1-2 weeks to fully adjust to his new home.
You can try getting some chicken or turkey baby food mixed with squash baby food fed through a plastic dropper or syringe.  
Do you have tiny crickets for him, how large are the ones you have?
Shedding can also affect their appetites, too.  
Remember to use calcium powder for him daily also, once daily for 4-5 days per week.

Let me know how he is doing.


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