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My Beardie is about 2 years old. I had it for about 8 months now. I recently built a new wooded cage with a glass front. I fitted a galvanized IBR sheet at the back (onto the wood) as backing.The cage is about 1m wide, 1m high and 800mm to the back. I currently only have a 50W Repti Zoo spot, a 100W Infra Red Basking Light (Max Heat) and a med size heatpad in the cage.

My Beardie does NOT eat at all now. I am concerned about the lighting and lack of UVB exposure my beardie should be getting.

What do you suggest I get and replace at this stage to immediately improve her standard of living?

I also read about the feeding and required diets, but I am not sure as to how to prepare this for her. Can you please assist me here?

Thanks, Anton

Hello Anton,

How is your dragon today?
Do you have a picture of her along with her tank as well?
What type & brand of UVB light are you using, is it a fluorescent tube bulb or a compact/coil light?
How old is the UVB light that you have?  
The basking light needs to be a bright white light for her instead of an infrared light.  That type isn't quite bright enough for them.
Are you using a digital probe or temp gun for measuring the temps?  

I would get either the Reptisun 10 tube bulb or the Arcadia D3 12% tube bulb for good quality UVB lighting for her.  It will need to be 6-8 inches from her mounted alongside of a bright white basking light.
How often do you give calcium for her?

Let me know how she is doing.


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