Cathy wrote at 2013-11-06 02:24:15
Hello Tracie,

Luci's appetite has increased somewhat. Today he wasn't hungry and didn't eat, yesterday he ate four silkworms with calcium and the day before 3 nightcrawlers. I am trying to rotate his food around so he doesn't get bored of one kind of food again.

I put calcium in his pool. He had the 3 goldfish a couple of weeks ago and the 2 minnows. He doesn't seem to care for the minnows. He loves the mice, next week probably I will get him a fuzzy, I think he's big enough for one. Sp right now he's eating butterworms, hornworms, nightcrawlers, silkworms, mice. The fish I would only give him a few once every 2-3 weeks. I'm going to try some crickets again soon too.  

I bought him a nightlight as he has been sleeping in his cave and had been cold to the touch in the morning to the point that the skin on his head darkened overnight. He is fine with me picking him up and putting him on his stump when his lights come on. Even my boyfriend said when he came home today that he was cold and wet and in his cave. He took him out of his house. He wasn't out very long, he goes to his house when he wants to go home and stands in front of him. I put him under his basking light and he said there for awhile. I switched his treehouse with the cave to get him out of the wet and dampness from the humidifier. So now he's gone behind the treehouse and is sleeping on the rock of it. I will see how his body temperature is in the morning but I'm expecting it to be much better than the past couple of mornings.




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