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female ig
female ig  

Make this sort and simple. My male ig just tried to mate with my female ig. My male ig earl is in. Breeding season. He's great not aggressive or anything. But female I am fostering is two years old as the people I resuce her from but is only six inches snout to vent maybe 5. Earl is 12 inches snout to vent. Two years old just about. But just a few min ago I saw female ig roam in earls cage. Earl is free roam with acces to his cage. So she roamed in went to earl head bob earl did a c turn grip back of neck and that's when I broke it up. Haha. I took female under light examined it no skin was borken. Now question is I don't think she hit maturity yet she was very poorly taken care of she has a lot of catching up to do. But can she get pregent even though she's not developed:? She's in her own cage now. But she's not in season could she get pregrant? I don't want baby iguanas anytime soon. Also my earl went back toward her after putting him across the room. Could he sense she's is season? Her coloers are bright green she's so pretty. No signs of organe. Thanks for your time.

Hi Chris,

I would agree with your assessment. Breeding is a function of size just as much as chronological age and the fact that she is severely stunted for her age has very likely prevented ovulation. She is about the size of 6 to 7 month old iguana rather then a two year old and looks very much like a juvenile in the photo.

I strongly doubt that you have to worry about her becoming gravid.  


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