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Reptiles/leopard gecko troubles


Hi there! My name is justin and i have a leopard gecko that ive had for about a month. After a couple weeks of letting her settle in, i started slowly letting her know that i was good and wasnt goin to hurt her. I hand ged her meal worms and started to pet her little by little. After a while she was great! She climbed up my arms willingly and stayed for a while. Well its been a couple weeks now and her attitude seems to have changed. She acts like shes scared of me and wont have anything to do with me :(  what can i do?
         Thank you very much for taking time to answer my question!

Hi Justin,

Is your leo somewhere around 6 to 10 months old by any chance? That is the age range that they hit puberty and the hormonal change also affects their behaviour. It should be temporary but may last a few weeks.

The change can happen rather suddenly and can manifest as either aggression or fear or both. It is very common with many other species like beardeds, water dragons and iguanas as well. My second iguana went from eating from my hand to flinging himself to the back of the cage whenever I opened the enclosure door as if I was going to make a stir-fry out of him. That lasted about a month. It is just a phase that they have to go through. There is no way to force them or hurry them past it. Be patient and I'm quite sure your previously tame leo will return.  


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