QUESTION: Hello Tracie,

I had to start a new message as I didn't see any where to continue the previous message.

He loves to jump more than he does climb. I've shown a few people who are familiar with reptiles and a few people who aren't familiar and they all have said he looks healthy.

Here's a few pics of Luci.

Thank you


ANSWER: Hello Cathy,

Wow, thanks.  :-)
Luci looks great, he has such a beautiful full crest, too.  How old is he again?  His tail base is nice & thick, also.
I think with you being proactive with improving his lighting, then he should not get any worse with any bone issues.  Just be sure he gets enough calcium.  
His colors are wonderful & he looks happy, as well.

Keep me updated with his progress.


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QUESTION: Hello Tracie,

:) thank you. That makes me feel good that I've done some things right by him. We got him end of July last year and he was about 10 inches long and now he's about 25 inches. I think he's about a year and a half. The store told me he was a baby baby.

I'm giving him calcium almost daily.

He appears to be happy and seems to be adjusting to the extension on his house.

I will let you know how he's doing.


ANSWER: Hello Cathy,

That is great he has grown that much in a year & a half.  His length is very good at 25 inches.  I love his crest also, it is beautiful.  Yes, he was definitely a baby being only 10 inches long.  I bet he was so cute when he was that small, too.
I am glad he is adjust to his new changes in the tank.  I hope he loves his new light!
The calcium will absorb much better with a stronger light now.  

Keep me posted on Luci!  :-)


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QUESTION: Hi Tracie,

Luci seems to be doing alright. I gave him a pinkie a couple weeks ago which he loved, another week or 2 I will give him another one, probably get him a fuzzy this time. He ate 3 feeder goldfish yesterday and today I will be getting him some minnow. If I don't get them today, Friday I will get him some earthworms.

I was wondering if the overbite will ever correct itself? It hasn't gotten any worse. I'm still giving him the reptical but I think on payday this week I will get him liquid.

My bf is now being more proactive after reading Tricia's water dragon website yesterday and wants to try more live prey which is why he's getting the fish.

Hopefully he will continue on the upswing.



Hello Cathy,

That is great news Luci is diong better now.  
Has his appetite improved quite a bit?  
Be sure to give extra calcium while he is still growing right now to help his levels.  
Don't overfeed with fish to avoid a thiamin deficiency.  Pinkies are fine, along with other insects too.
His overbite could possibly be improved by increased UVB & better calcium supplementation.  Since he is still growing, it may straighten up a little more.  At least it has not gotten any worse though.
I hope he continues to improve for you!

Let me know how he is doing.



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