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i have 2 tank yellow belly turtles I want to feed them fruits and veggies and give them a vitamin but I don't know what to give them without hurting them they eat good but I want to give them more

Hi Angela,

You can offer a variety of greens and fruits such as collard, kale, escarole and dandelion. It is best to avoid feeding spinach more then just occasionally. It interferes with their ability to absorb calcium. You can also offer veggies like squash, peppers, cucumber and fruits like berries and melon pieces. Citrus fruit like oranges should be avoided though.

Because they feed in water it can be tricky to give a powdered vitamin/calcium supplement to aquatic turtles. Add some powder like RepCal or Herptivite to the chopped fruits and veg in a bowl and let it sit for a few minutes to help it absorb into the food a  bit. Try to offer it when they are hungry and likely to take the food quickly before all the supplement washes off.

If you are offering a good quality pellet in their diet there is less need to supplement heavily. They should get sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals from the commercial diet. I am including a link that lists some of the better pellets and other food choices.

If your turtles are tame you might consider using a separate smaller container of water to feed them in (they only feed in water). That can help reduce the amount of uneaten food in your tank and keep it much cleaner.  


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