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QUESTION: Hi our daughter has a female beardie that we purchased in December from a Repticon show in our city. I am wanting to find out if there is a non prescription deworming med that you can give them monthly to prevent them from getting worms (like with dogs). Thanks so much!

ANSWER: Hello Kim,

Sure, panacur is the most widely used dewormer for them.  It is equine, but, used safely with reptiles & chelonians.
You can get it from any local feed supply usually, but not at petstores.  It is sold without a prescription though.

I have a small online reptile supply store & sell Panacur treatments.
Is she having some trouble with worms?   How is she doing overall, is she eating?


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for getting back with me. She overall is doing good. She is very spunky and full of energy. We had another bearded dragon that my daughter got for Christmas 2012 and he died unexpectedly back in November so we are a little nervous with this one. It was very traumatic for our daughter.  Our current beardie is kept in a 50 gallon tank with a reptile heating pad under one side and proper lighting. She has a rock, hammock, and log to climb on. We also have a water bowl for her. She is mostly eating crickets right now and she loves apples. I usually give her calcium on her apples. No, we have not seen any worms the breeder we purchased her from at Repticon mentioned the Panacur as a monthly preventative. That's what I wanting to know if this was ok to do.

Hello Kim,

I don't personally think that they need to be dewormed, monthly.
Which UVB light are you using for her, is it a tube bulb or a compact/coil light?
I would get a fecal done on her to see what her levels are.  
You can deworm for a preventative since you have not had her long.  
I don't think that it should be used monthly though.  Reptiles are pretty good about not needing meds a lot but too much can be just as bad as not enough when needed.



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