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Hello, my name is Daniel. I have a three and a half year old bearded dragon and recently he has been acting odd. He won't eat, will rarely drink, won't close his mouth, and is extremely sluggish. I know it is not his brumation because I have seen it before and it is not like this. I am worried that he could starve or do some serious damage to his body. I am currently feeding him mealworms, lettuce, and carrots. Please help me I need to know what is wrong with him!

Hi Daniel,

No, you are correct. That does not sound at all like brumation. None of the symptoms you mentioned are specific to any particular illness. Even if you could e-mail a top reptile veterinarian they could not tell you exactly what is causing the problem without examining him and running other tests. Getting him to a reptile vet is his best chance. It could be anything from dietary deficiency to infection, intestinal parasites or even intestinal blockage.

You didn't mention anything about your lighting or use of calcium/vitamin supplements. One of the more common problems with bearded dragons in captivity is calcium deficiency. It is usually caused by a lack of calcium in the diet and lack of UVB lighting. Calcium deficiency can cause muscle weakness and soft bones in the legs and jaw. That is one of the situations that can produce the sluggish behaviour and open mouth behaviour you are seeing.

The problem can be made worse by an improper diet. Carrots are high in oxalates which interfere with calcium absorption.  


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