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Reptiles/bearded dragon behaviour follow up question


QUESTION: Sorry it wouldn't let me ask a follow up question again so I had to send a new one -.-

He hasn't had woodies before, he seems to like them but they are a bit to quick for him at the moment. I'll un screw the case and have a look to see what brand it is. I'm not entirely sure but a really good reptile shop I went to recommended a white bulb that he uses on all his beardies so I will eventually get one. My step sister has a more expensive one (was about $40-$50 I think) for her snake and she said there brilliant so I might have a look into that as well.

ANSWER: Hello Jess,

No problem, too many questions will prompt you to start a new thread.  :-)
That is great he seems to like the woodies then.  They are too fast for him?
You can try putting them in the fridge for a couple of minutes to try & slow them down a little bit.

Just let me know the brand of tube bulb.  The Reptisun 10 tube or the Arcadia D3 12% tube are the two best ones.

Keep me posted on him.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Yeah I've done that today putting them in the fridge for a few minutes works well!

I'll try and get it out tomorrow if I get time and let you know :0

No problem definitely will!

Thank you so much


ANSWER: Hello Jess,

Great!  Thanks, I would feel better knowing which UVB light you have.  Unfortunately, not all of them are created equal, I wish they were.
Yeah, placing the poor feeders in the fridge for a short bit will slow them down.  It does help quite a bit though.
I hope he is doing better!  Are you still letting him go to sleep on you now?


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Tracie,

Yeah I have to get a screwdriver and and unscrew it to see so when I clean his enclosure out tomorrow I'll do it.

Yeah he was with me heaps last night he slept on my chest while I was doing stuff on the computer and then when I was watching a movie he stayed asleep on me. I had his towel so he was happy and warm :)


Hello Jess,  :-)

I am sorry for the trouble, trying to find the brand of light.  
That is great, I bet he loves going to sleep on your now.  He will be spoiled soon.  
I am sure he was nice & toasty, too.  
I think it sounds like he is doing very well now.  
Did you get him to eat the woodies?



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