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Growing quickly
Growing quickly  
My beardie is about 7 months old. He's big for his age. He never stops eating. I know that a beardie won't over eat.
One day he ate 2 big horn worms.
A pinky mouse of a decent size.
30 crickets.
And 2 spoonfuls of bearded dragon cubes. Along with his salads I make him every day.
When he's hungry in the morning he stands on 2 legs against the front of his tank and he actually begs. This day was the most I have ever seen him eat and he would have continued to eat more crickets if I allowed him. On a normal basis I give him about 20 crickets in a day. With a big fresh salad mix. I dust about 2 or 3 in calcuim/vitamin dust. He's definitely healthy. He's pretty fat. I just don't understand why he eats so much.

When I ask a pet store breeder or and owner of a beardie the only answer I get is wow he's really healthy. And my response is yea obviously he is healthy because I take good care of my animals

I don't mind the fact he eats as much as he does I just want a decent answer.
Thank you for your time.

I would presume you might not have kept reptiles much. I say that because I've had several cases of this where no matter how much we feed they still seem hungry. I look at this as yes a healthy animal but one which could be overweight very quickly. It's my best estimation that two things are occurring. A) The lizard has some kind of parasite that is robbing it of nutrients so therefore it is physically compelled to eat more because it it in fact is always hungry.
Number two scenario, healthy animal which has 'wild' instincts as far as feeling there are limited resources and it's unknown for how long so the animal must therefore stock up as it were. I hope that helps.


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