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Today, my 2 year old bearded dragon laid a clutch of about 20 eggs. They are clearly infertile, as she hasn't seen a male bearded dragon in maybe all of her life. We have seen her undergo some weird behavior, like scratching at her cage. Before today, I had no clue bearded dragons could lay a clutch even when infertile, so we were ill prepared. Since she wasn't supplied with a sand box, she was forced to lay in the corner of her cage. We know that the eggs can be deposited because they are infertile, but what is our next step?

Well, it's important to make sure she laid all of them.  If her appetite doesn't return within the week, or she shows any signs of unusual lethargy, a prompt vet visit is in order.  Otherwise, just feed her up, and make sure she gets plenty of calcium in her diet.  Laying eggs requires a lot of bodily resources.


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