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We have an older carrot-tailed gecko.  We were given it a couple of years ago.  It is eating less and less - it will only eat basically from a brand new can of meal worms (Zoo Med Can O' Worms).  It's gotten ridiculous buying a brand new can every couple of weeks, then throwing out the whole rest of the can.  Any ideas?


I'm frankly beyond amazed that your leopard gecko will eat dead mealworms in the first place.  A healthy leopard gecko should have a tail that's about as wide as his body - is his tail nice and fat, or has been losing weight?  If he has been losing weight, I would recommend you try offering some live mealworms or crickets (dusted with calcium powder), and see if his appetite picks up.  If it does not, take him to a reptile veterinarian, along with a fresh (not dried out) fecal sample, as it's time to check for illness.

Don't think he's getting old, as these animals live for 30 years. :)


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