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QUESTION: I have looked everywhere I can think of to try to figure out how old my juvenile iguana is I've had him for about 6 months and I have gotten different answers and I need someone who actually knows something. He is about 15.5 in from head to tail.

ANSWER: Hello Mandi,

He is a cutie!  His length is good, what is his weight right now?
Based on his smaller crest, he is likely around 8 months, but definitely no older than 1 year.  He hasn't developed his crest height much yet which will come in time along with more length & thickness on his tail base.
They can reach up to 5 feet, or a little longer when full grown.  
What sized tank is he in now?  
He looks pretty good, overall, a nice green.  What is his diet like & are you using UVB lighting & calcium?


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QUESTION: All I really have is a scale that you stand on. I don't really know his weight. The base of his tail has gotten very thick. When I first got him he was 8.5 inches. He's in a size 45 right now. Saving up to get him a bigger tank. His diet is. Collard greens, green beans, acorn squash, somwtimes broccoli. Mostky staple greens. Yes and yes

ANSWER: Hello Mandi,

Great, his diet is wonderful then.  The squash will give him starchy carbohydrates to help with weight gain, too.  
Be sure to include calcium daily for him, too.  Which UVB are you using?  You will need the Reptisun 10 tube or the Arcadia D3 12% tube bulb, either one for him.

He has gotten big since you got him.  That sized tank is fine for now, but you will definitely have to get a larger one again when he gets larger!

Keep me posted on his progress, he is lovely.  :-)


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QUESTION: Is there a way I can cut his nails or anything? I've researched it and I can't find anything for smaller iguanas.  And I'm going to be getting him a bigger cage sometime this year. So the lighting will change

Hello Mandi,

You can use nail clippers or a nail file to help file the nails down a little bit.  They both work pretty good, but you may be more comfortable with using a nail file.  It does a pretty good job of dulling them.

How is he doing now, still eating a lot & basking?

Keep me posted on him.



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