Hi Donna,

I Have Built A Viv For A Chinese Water Dragon & A Bearded Dragon I'm Just Wondering If It Would Be Worth Having A Compact Fluorescent Bulb Instead Of A UVB Tube. ?

Thanks For Your Time.

I hope you mean that you have built two vivs, one for each animal (as they cannot ever be housed together, lol).

Compact fluorescent UVB bulbs have been tested, and they put out insufficient UVB light, and have been linked to eye problems.  I would not recommend to use them at all.

Normal fluorescent UVB bulbs work better, but must be within 6 inches of the animal to provide adequate UVB light.  The new mercury-vapor reptile lights are a better solution for the species you're talking about.  They provide both heat and UVB, and work well in very large vivariums.  I would recommend this type of light for both species.  Bearded dragons are an arid environment species, and like it hotter, but water dragons grow larger and need a much larger vivarium, so the same light solution would work for both.


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