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I Have 2 Bearded Dragons But Recently Built A Viv For A Chinese Water Dragon, I've Been Using A UVB Tube But Was Just Wondering Would It Be Worth Using A Compact Florescent Or Should I Avoid Them All Together.?

Hi Brett,

The compact fluorescent bulbs got a deservedly bad reputation when they first came out several years ago. The intensity and type of UV produced caused eye problems in reptiles. The companies involved did make changes to correct the problem but for many people the trust in these bulbs was lost forever.

The issue was well documented in this site at the time but it has not been updated in a few years.

That makes it rather difficult to know for certain whether the problem does still exist or not with these bulbs.

Personally, I continue to avoid them because of this past issue and also just due to the light gradient they give off. It is quite intense and concentrated in whatever area the bulb is placed. I prefer a more diffuse light over the entire enclosure which provides a better display and more even UVB exposure.

You might also consider using one of the a mercury vapour bulbs designed for use with reptiles. They are suitable for large enclosures and provide superior UVB to any of the fluorescents as well as heat. A standard and inexpensive fluorescent can then be used for general lighting and plant growth purposes if you use a Mercury vapour.  


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