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Reptiles/Trying to figure out what reptile is this?


which animal
which animal  
QUESTION: Can you please tell me what animal is shown in this picture? i am thinking its either a gila monster or a monitor, but probably am wrong.


ANSWER: Hello Ace,

That is a great looking reptile!
It is not a tegu the best I can tell, or not a hila monster.  
It closely resembles a monitor though I have never seen a banded type of monitor before.
He looks healthy though.  Is it a friend's or one you purchased?


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you Tracie for your reply and information. Some one posted it on our faceboook page (  ) and wanted to know so i thought i would ask it here.
Just to let you know, One of your "so called" experts ( mike ) replied earlier and has already "wrongfully accused" me of "illegal wildlife traffickng" on this public site. I have already complained about him to the site customer service but havent heard anything yet.


Hello Ace,

Oh no, I am so sorry about that.  
What type of reptiles are found in Pakistan that you know of?  Are you looking to buy one?
I love monitors, they are so pretty.  They get so large though!  

Geez, I am surprised as a lot of people post pictures needing identification for numerous reasons.  



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