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I've had an 8 week old baby beardie for almost a week. Within the first 12 hours he at 9 crickets. After that he went 2 days without eating any. Then he only ate 1 a day for the next 3 days. I try several times a day, but he doesn't seem interested. He seems alert and healthy but am worried he is going to get sick from not eating. The temp in his cage is 90+ degrees and I have a UVB bulb for him. He has climbing places and fresh water daily. I dust the crickets with calcium powder and feed him in a critter carrier with a pet store carpet just for reptiles. What should I do? He is only 41/2 in long.

Hello Sandy,

Can you run over his tank setup for me such as the type & brand of UVB.  Is it a tube bulb or compact/coil light?
Are you using a bright white light or a colored light for basking?
What sized tank is he in?  What type of thermometer are you using, a digital probe or a temp gun?
He is extremely small & young so he will likely have some degree of relocation stress.

Feeding him in a separate bin is great so you wont have any loose in his tank to bite him.  How large are the crickets?  
What type of substrate do you have for his tank?
Has he gone to the bathroom also?

Let me know how he is doing.



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