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i have 2 bearded dragons male and female i only had them a month after someone could not take them to new rented property they are around 5 year old and always been together and used to being handled they seem to have been mating all last week but this week when ever i get them out of the vavarian the female balloons up black and is hissing and trying to snap at me i don't understand they have a large 4ft tank with various logs hiding places and rocks a genuine basking light and a reptile uva light can you advice as it is really scaring me will she actually bite ?

Hello Karen,

I am sorry to hear about the female hissing!  Yes, actually they can bite pretty hard & it doesn't feel good.
Does she act stressed inside of her tank also or just when you got them out?
She could be stressed from overbreeding which is very common.
Has she laid any eggs previously or do you know?
Keep in mind that when they do lay eggs, they can lay 2-4 clutches of 10-25 or so eggs!  So you would need to freeze them or separate them so she doesn't lay eggs constantly.  It can get very stressful for them & is hard on them physically to mate all of the time & lay a lot of clutches.

Are you using a UVB light for them?  I can run over your tank setup also just to be sure it is all good, too.
How often do you give calcium?

That is too bad the people couldn't take them with them.  I always feel so sad that most wont try to find a situation in which they can take them.
Do you have any pictures of them?
What are you feeding them?



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