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Reptiles/bearded dragons won't breed


QUESTION: I have two bearded dragons the males 8 and females 4 and ive been trying to have them mate for years now with no luck. the male will act very dominant puffing out his black beard and bobing head and foot stomps, and the female acts accordingly but once he mounts her thats all that happend. He'll just stay there for a while with out actually mating with her. sometimes the female will even try to mount him! i know shes a female because she has layed nonfertle eggs before. what can i do for him to get it?!

ANSWER: Hello Nick,

That is interesting.  I have heard of this issue before though.  
I hate to say there isn't much you can do.  Some males are not real good breeders unfortunately.
How long have you had them trying?
He is 8 years old & she is 4?  The age shouldn't really make a difference.  
I wouldn't have him breed though past 10, just due to stress, etc.

Does he just seem to lose interest once he is on her?  Are they housed alone or together?
You can just have him keep trying, really.  He really should know what to do, instinctively.  
That must be frustrating.  However, you can't really force him if he just doesn't want to.  
Do either one of them seem stressed?
What type of setup & supplementation do you use?

Let me know if you have any luck.  


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Yeah i'm trying to breed him now because i know he's getting older and he's a real pretty and nice tempered BD. I think he just doesn't understand what to do, he seems to get pretty worked up about it, i've heard brumation could help?

they are housed separately but recently i've put them together in a wood terrarium so they might mate. they don't seem too stressed, though the male is allot more sensitive than the female to that kinda of thing, she's super wild like haha. the terrarium is 4 feet long and 3 feet wide, for heat and uv i use a vapor mercury bulb and i feed them mostly super worms and greens mix with calcium and multi vitamin. I'm gunna keep on trying but maybe it will be easier this spring when their maternal instinct really kicks in.

Hello Nick,

I am glad to hear they are housed separately then.  I wouldn't leave them together too long so it doesn't stress either one of them out.  He seems really nice them, what a good boy.
A lot of times the females are relatively aggressive, sometimes more than the males even.

Brumation will help with improving the fertility by allowing the proper rest & recuperation for hormonal levels, etc.  You will most likely have more luck in the spring time.  

The diet sounds fine, most love superworms.  Do you give calcium 3 or so times per week?  
Which MVB brand are you using & what do the temperatures get to?

Let me know how things are going.



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