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QUESTION: hey it wouldn't let me ask you anymore questions we have been talking about my to geckos I went ahead and ordered the 10% like you said I would also like to know how you figure out the dosage by the way so that way I can administer in the future thanks Tracy look forward to hearing back from you

ANSWER: Hello Jeffrey,

Sure, it does that after like 4 or 5 follow ups for some reason.  :-)
Great, let me know their weights again & I can go ahead & figure the doses.  I know they didn't weigh much!  Do you have tiny syringes also

I hope they are doing a little better.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: 4.44@ 3.75 gram how do you figure the dose I have around 20 different lizards and would really like to learn how to figure the dosage

Hello Jeffrey,

Thanks.  If you would like, you can email me at:  
I can go over the dosing formula with you, it is pretty easy.   
He is 3.75 grams?   That would be .004kg.  So the dose would be .002ml  which is a small amount.  You will need the .05ml syringe.  
Do you have the panacur yet?
How is he doing today?
Do you have tiny syringes also?  You will need some small syringes to load up the medication.

Let me know how things are going.



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