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Reptiles/leopard gecko won't eat please help


QUESTION: Hello I think my two geckos have worms or parasites can you help me with treating them I read one of your last answers I need to find dewormer my geckos weigh 3.7grams and other 4.44

ANSWER: Hello Jeffrey,

Sure, can you get some panacur at your local feed store possibly, like Tractor supply or other feed type of store?  Or do you already have the panacur at home?
Did you do a fecal on them both?  
Are they exhibiting signs of illness or lethargy or lack of appetite?

Do you have any pictures of them?  
Are they both females or a male & female & are they housed together?


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I'm not sure of the sex they are really young I cannot afford to do a physical check I ordered panacur or whatever its called off of ebayI just know they are losing weight and they don't move around at all they show no interest in any kind of foodthey used to be housed together but now I have them separatedI will do anything you suggest

ANSWER: Hello Jeffrey,

I am sorry they are still not doing well!
Be sure to keep their enclosures around 80 overnight to help boost their immune system.  
What type of substrate are you using, sand, carpet, tiles, etc?

It is almost impossible to sex them at that age then.  
For now, I would go ahead & get some chicken, beef or turkey baby food from the store, to feed to them.  You can use either a plastic dropper or syringe to feed them with.  Just try dropping it onto the end of the nose or if they wont eat, you can get a swab to try & gently get the mouth open to get some food into, carefully.
Do you have an estimated weight on them so I can help you dose them?  Was the panacur 10% paste, too?
Do you have any pictures of them?  

Let me know how they are doing.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I have paper towels in the bottom my gecko weighs 3.75 grams and the other ways 4.44 grams I already keep their habitat at 80 degrees and have given them an appetite plus made by nature zone if I need 10% paste that's what I'll get

Hello Jeffrey,

That sounds fine, you don't need to change the overnight temperatures then.
Whatever percentage of panacur you got will be perfect, I can figure it from the strength on the label.
Great, paper towels are good, I am glad you don't use loose substrate.  
When are you getting it in the mail?
Great, you can continue giving them the nature zone appetite stimulant product.  It should help a lot.  You can get some baby food if you want for extra protein.  
How are they doing tonight?



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