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I've never seen one ever until last night. Even though they're not venomous should I be concerned that there might be more at my house and if so do they affect dogs. Thank you

Hi Rex,

They are completely harmless to anything other then termites and similar bugs. They are neither venomous or poisonous, so even if your dog ate one, it would be fine.

Blind snakes generally stay underground but can blunder their way along moist water pipes and inadvertently end up in a house. That is why they are most often found in the kitchen or bathroom when they do. Just sweep it into a dustpan and put it near some moist soil. They will also surface after a heavy rain.

If you do start seeing them regularly in your house you might want to have a pest control company take a look. Not for the snakes but because blind snakes feed on termites and they can provide an early warning system that you may have a termite problem.  


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