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Reptiles/Leopard Gecko eating but not defecating



I got my Leopard Gecko Miko 5 days ago she's 1 year old,

She's eating well and the temps of her vivarium are spot on, but she's not going to the bathroom. I check everyday and nothing, she is also on paper towel substrate.She won't let me handle her yet as it's only been 5 days.

Thank you

Hi Rowen,

Reptiles have a much slower metabolism then mammals so defecating every few days is normal for them. Her feeding frequency before you acquired her will also affect the next time she goes.

The easiest way to encourage a bowel movement with reptiles is to give them a soak in just barely warm water. Just deep enough to come half way up her body. They frequently relieve themselves within a few minutes of being in the water.

Hydration, temperature and diet will all affect the frequency. Her temp. should be about 90F in the hot spot to keep her metabolism at the optimum rate. Hydration will keep her bowel contents fluid enough to move things along correctly. Proper calcium supplementation is also important. Calcium plays a role in the bowel contractions which moves the food/waste down through the system and eventually out.

If she is eating well I doubt you have anything to worry about and she will probably go in the next few days.  


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