yes I have a russian turtoise, what other turtles or anything else can I house with it

It's NEVER advised to house reptiles with other species of reptiles.  Russian tortoises require a great deal of floor space for their size, and their dietary and temperature needs are uncommon among reptiles.

Here is a good care sheet for the species:

Diet is particularly important for these tortoises - incorrect types of greens will lead to ill health.

It's recommended that, whenever remotely possible, tortoises spend time in outdoor pens during the summer months.  Real sunlight and grazing does wonders for them.  Be sure outdoor pens have chicken wire or mesh over the top, as birds of prey will eat tortoises.  You can find instructions on constructing proper pens for this species in a number of places online.

Tortoises, being remarkably long-lived animals, are quite a responsibility - you can be assured that money you spend in setting them up properly will be well-spent, as they'll need daily care for a very, very long time.


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