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My Chinese water dragon skin is very dry and flaky and does not look like he has sheded for a while I have soaked him in shedease but it doesn't seem to help. Do you think I have a major problem? What do I do? I got a male and female about 2-4 months ago and the male is twice her size hellllp!?!


There are many things I would need to know about your set-up to be able to accurately diagnose what the problems might be. Is the humidity in their enclosure higher than 80%? It needs to be very high. Do they have a source of clean water to soak in at all times? Do they have proper UV light?

Additionally, One male and one female housed together will cause the female to become over bred, stressed, and eventually she will die. Please go the link I've listed below, to get very important information about the care of water dragons.



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