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QUESTION: Our leopard gecko has always had trouble shedding but now she has one black foot and lower part of her leg. It looks very swollen and there is a little bit of blood coming out of it. She has not been eating for 2-3 weeks and her tail is not very fat anymore. I just bought a new under the tank heater and overhead light. Also we put some wet moss in the tank to help with humidity - I don't think she was getting enough. My question is do we need to put any antibiotic ointment on her leg or soak her? or is the increased humidity enough? Will the necrosis keep traveling up her leg? Also, she will only eat wax worms when she does eat - no crickets or vitamins. How do I get her healthy?
Thanks for your help.

ANSWER: Hello Heather,

I am sorry she is not shedding very well.
Do you have any pictures of her?  
The humidity is extremely important, definitely.  Are you using an under tank heater on the end with the humid hide?  What are the temperatures in the tank?
I always recommend using a moist/humid hide on the warmer end to help with releasing humidity.
You could try giving her a bath too just to see if that helps out in case she is having more trouble.  
The necrosis should hopefully not travel upwards unless there is still retained shed.  
You can apply some antibiotic ointment to help that area, or some silver cream too.
If she isn't eating much of anything, you can intervene & get some chicken or turkey baby food to feed to her with a plastic dropper or syringe.
Do you leave a dish of calcium powder in her tank for her?

Let me know how she is doing.

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Kobe and her leg
Kobe and her leg  
QUESTION: The heat is between 70 and 80, but the humidity keeps going down. It varies between 20 an 65. Her leg is swollen to the hip and she is biting on it. I'm worried she will get an infection.

Hello Heather,

Poor girl!  Have you been giving her any baby food yet?  
She needs a warm basking area of around 88-90 & the moist cave should be on the warm end to help release the humidity a bit more.  Are you giving her baths daily?  
You can get some aloe vera gel or unpasteurized honey to put on the leg.  That can help with infection, the unpasteurized honey, that is.
Is any of the shed coming off yet?

Let me know how she is doing.



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