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Hi Jennifer

I am ready to change the bedding of my Russian tortoises. It has been recommended to me to use a mixture of play sand and coconut fiber. I saw that the sand I have has small amounts of silica. I am leery of using it. I have quite a bit of excavating and burrowing substrate by Zoo Med. Would that be ok for them mixed with coconut fiber? I bought it and never was sure enough to try it. Have had the tortoises for years and they are in good health - just have never been confident I am using proper substrate. Thank you, Sarah


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I didn't see that I had a pending question. The silica in your play sand won't harm your tortoise. Also the sand from ZooMed would be fine. It is probably a calcium based sand. If your Tortoises have been happy in their previous substrate, I wouldn't feel compelled to change. The most important thing is hygiene. You sounds like a great tortoise owner.

thanks for your question



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