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I need help with my bearded dragon.. he has not eaten for awihle now...maybe 3-6months...he is so dehydrated and is so weak that he literally cannot move. He has no muscle strength to lift his head let alone chew.  I feel horrible to have let his condition get this bad, I thought he was starting burmation.  as I said he doesn't eat anything on his own, but will drink if I soak him in the bath.  Until yesterday 12/6/14 still was having regular bowel movements.  I have been force feeding him a slurry of baby food and pedialyte. Also have some Jumpstart caloric/appetite supplement on order.  I have no money to take him to a vet for tests  but don't know what else to do for him...he has proper lighting and heat, dubia roaches crickets fresh collard and mixed greens, calcium, water daily.  my other 3 beardies have the same things on a weekly basis.. I don't understand why all of a sudden he stopped eating and moving... he also seeks out the coldest spot in his tank..  HELP!!! PLEASE what could be wrong?   80 in cold side 100 on hot side zilla mini 10.0 uvb/uva bulb brand new. reptile carpet floors...He is roughly 8 inches long. about 2  2.5 years old... please advise i'm desperate.. thank you in advance.

Hello Jessica,

Is he 8 inches not including his tail?
It sounds like he has a very bad calcium deficiency also.  I hate to say but the Zilla mini UVB light is not a good light.  It doesn't emit the correct UVB wavelength of light which is conducive to D3 synthesis.  What UVB did you have for him previously?  So he wont be able to absorb his calcium & vitamins properly.
You will need to get either a Reptisun 10 tube or an Arcadia D3 12% to get his system some help for UVB exposure.  You can get the tube bulb from Reptisun here:

You will need to get a fixture for it also.   You should be able to find a fixture for it at Home Depot.  How large is the tank & what type of thermometer are you using to measure the temperatures?
What type of basking light do you have for him?
The jumpstart should help him out.  The baby food slurry can be given to him daily to help out.  Do you use calcium powder for him a few times per week too?

Try to keep him around 80 overnight in his tank to help with his immune system right now with him not feeling well.

Let me know how he is doing.


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