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Reptiles/my 1 year old chameleon has a small swollen eye


My Chameleon is 1 year old he has always been healthy and a great eater but just this month after he started shedding he stopped eating and is moving very weakly. I I'm very worried because his sister died 2 months ago and it started the same way but she had a bone disease and never grew more than 2 inches in a year. He still has skin on him that hasn't shedded fully like he was to weak to get it off. I all the beat supplies and vitamins what is wrong please if you have any idea what i should do left me know thank you  Samantha

Hi Samantha,

I will need more detailed information about his care. Exactly what type of lights are you using and what is the temperature in his basking spot? What type of vitamins are you using and how often. Is it a multi-vitamin you are using or a calcium supplement or both? What insects has he been eating and how often are you dusting them? How is he being given water?

If the female was indeed suffering from a bone disease then that is almost always the result of a dietary deficiency and/or improper lighting (lack of UVB exposure). Assuming he was being kept the same way, then that could suggest the cause of the current weakness.

The shedding problem is likely the result of low humidity which is common this time of year. That could be contributing to the eye swelling as well. Misting him heavily is the easiest and least stressful way to soften and loosen the old skin. If you have a mist setting on your shower then holding him under it for a few minutes is ideal.  


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