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I recently got a bearded dragon lizard as a class pet. There was a snow storm today so I brought "Beardy" home in case I wasn't able to get back to the school over the weekend because of road conditions. I put Beardy in his carrier case I brought him home in when I bought him and packed up his habitat. I placed his case by me in the front and had the heater on. When I brought him in the apartment he was unresponsive at first so I quickly put him under his heat lamp and filled his water area with warm water. He became responsive and alert but his left arm is swollen and discolored. I feel horrible, I thought bringing him home would be safer. Do you know anything I can do for him? I plan on bringing him into the vet tomorrow as soon as the roads are drivable again, but is there anything else I can do before then?

Hello Lori,

Oh poor thing.  Did he possibly hurt himself which caused his arm to become swollen?
Do you have a picture of him & the arm?
Just try to keep him warm over night, around 80 to help with stress levels.  Are his eyes dilated or normal?
Are you keeping him the carrier or did you wrap him in a little blankie for overnight?
Let me know how he is doing & how the vet visit went.



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