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QUESTION: I know all the care for bearded dragons and things like that, but recently my juvenile bearded has been having runny stools I think it could either be from her diet or hydration but I'm not sure. It might be from hydration because she is 4months and 12in and the older they get the less water they need. I spray her twice a day but she also gets water from her crickets and veggis which is probably too much water for her. Or it might be from her diet because I was giving her collard greens and romaine lettuce but now I got her romaine lettuce and dandilion greens plus I have been giving her strawberries with it for the past couple days. Please help me what do you think? Here is a picture of her for extra info!

ANSWER: Hello Rachel,

The romaine lettuce is a very watery lettuce so it should be given sparingly.  I would focus on greens like mustard greens, collard greens, dandelion greens, arugula, endive, or escarole.  A combination of a couple of them is fine.
The fruit can be given a few times per week, but in small amounts.  Too much sugar can also give them looser stools, also.  
If she is eating greens & veggies regularly, along with the crickets being hydrated & gutloaded then she should be getting enough fluids.  
You can give a bath several times per week to help with hydration if she does need it.  If you mist her you can mist her out of her tank so that it doesn't get too humid or encourage mold growth in her tank.
What food do you give the crickets & do you have a watering system in there for them?  
Are you using a UVB light also?  If so, what type & brand do you use?
She is a cutie at 4 months though.  How much does she weigh?


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I give the crickets the high calcium cricket diet and the orange cubes and for water I give them the cricket water pillow which holds water for several days for them. Yes I am using a UVB light it is the reptisun 10.0. And for the basking bulb I use the zoo med basking spot light at a 100w. I don't weigh my beardie but where could I get a scale to weigh her but it can't be too expensive?

Hello Rachel,

Great that you are using the Reptisun 10 tube.  Are the temperatures 95-110 range also measured with a digital probe or temp gun?
The cricket diet sounds fine, they should be healthy.  Be sure to leave food in for them 24/7.  Since you water the crickets well, she should be hydrated pretty well.  
How did she do today?
You can look at walmart, or a kitchen supply store for a digital scale to weigh her.

Let me know how she is doing!



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