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I have two questions! And I know everything about bearded dragons! First could my bearded dragon be a German giant? He is 4 months maybe a little over and he is already 14 in!!!!! Also, see me and my dad share the bearded dragon. It's like both of ours. But whenever we take him out he always goes to my dad! He comes to me sometimes but not always. But I don't get it! It might be because my dad's hands are warmer than mine but I really don't know. Again it's a male and he is 4months and 14in.  Here is a pic of him!

Hello Rachel,

Where did you purchase your dragon, Zoey?
That is a very good length for a dragon of that age.  It is possible that he could have some German giant in him.  There are not many pure german giant morphs left but some have outcrossed with that gene in them.  

Sometimes they tend to prefer one person over another, for no known reason.  Does your dad spend more time with him or does he feed him more often than you do?  
Give him some time.  You can work with him a little more to try & bond more with him.  Try wrapping him in a blankie at night, to have him go to sleep on you.  

You could also try finding his favorite green or piece of fruit to hand feed him.  That also helps with bonding also.

Let me know how that goes!



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