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Reptiles/Did our snake freeze to death.....? :(


QUESTION: We just got a new house and only have gas logs to heat.  We had our ball python in a room that we didn't use so we shut the door to it where our house would stay warmer for our two little girls..........We did not know that her heating pad was unplugged and we found her dead Saturday morning.  It's awful but we had not checked on her in about a week because we had been so busy with fixing our house.....She didn't eat about a week before even when the mouse was left in her cage over night too.  Even though the room was not freezing temp., did she probably freeze to death........?

ANSWER: Hello Morgan,

I am so sorry about your ball python.  He likely did freeze to death I hate to say.  They are from the western & central to south areas of Africa which doesn't really get all that cold.
They can sustain temperatures in the 60-70 & maybe the 50 range but any lower, I doubt they can.  Was the mouse dead also?  
What temperature did the room get to?

I am sorry for your loss.  We have a 5 year old male who is a great family addition.  


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The house stayed around 72 degrees so I wouldn't think it would get all that much husband said it was probably around 45 though. :/

And the mouse was alive the week before and the room was open to heat as well....

I don't know, I just hate to accept that we did that to her. I feel awful...

ANSWER: Hello Morgan,

Gosh, I am really sorry to hear that.  The 45 would be too much for a ball python, they are just not designed for it.  Unfortunately, accidents do happen, I feel bad for you.  
Are you going to get another one anytime?

I am sorry for your loss.  :-(


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you, Tracie. Yes, unfortunately accidents do happen....she was a wonderful pet.  
We probably will not get another one for a while if we do.....we just bought a new house and we are redoing it so we don't have much time and we are always occupied......I wouldn't want anything like that to happen again due to our negligence. Thank you for your answers and your kind words.

Hello Morgan,

I am so sorry, it is always devastating to lose a family member I know.  :-(
I am sorry she is gone.  Maybe one day when you have more time, you can consider another one.  
Good luck on your house renovations too, that is a lot of work!  

Let me know if you need anything.



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