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QUESTION: Hi!! We just got my son a baby bearded dragon on Friday.
He has not eaten much and has not yet pooped. I have followed all the directions on lighting, heat, reptile enclosures. Perhaps he is stressed from the new home? He doesn't show any signs of anxiety though other than the pooping issue and not eating a ton. Maybe 7 crickets since Friday night. :( thank you for your help!!!

ANSWER: Hello Melissa,

Sure, the little ones can go through a week or two of relocation stress but it may or may not last that long depending on each dragon.
Just so I can double check, can you review your tank setup with me to be sure your lighting, etc is good?
Do you have any pictures of him I could see also?

Was he kept on sand previously or a loose substrate?
I hope that he isn't impacted but if you feel that he could be you can bathe him in a nice warm bath & gently massage his belly on the right side in a circular motion to help.  He hopefully will go to the bathroom soon.  If he doesn't let me know & you can give some softer foods to help out.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you soooo much! He pooped!! I have a long UVB light and a ceramic heating element on top of a 20 gallon tank. I use a reptile mat. I noticed that he really is not into crickets. He will eat maybe 5 a day. :( I am going to send you a photo of both him and his enclosure. Any suggestions I would really appreciate!! Thank you!

Hello Melissa,

Oh no, the pics didn't seem to come through, maybe you can try again?  
Or you can send them to my email at:

Thanks.  That is great that he finally went to the bathroom.  
Which brand is the long tube UVB, Reptisun 10 or the Reptiglo 10?
You will need a bright white basking light to help protect his eyes.  If you need any heating overnight, then you can use the ceramic heat emitter.
A reptile mat for substrate is fine, he can't get impacted from that!
Are the crickets smaller than the space between his eyes?  Do you feed him in a feeding bin out of his tank, too?




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