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Hi I think my female beared dragon has a eye problem only one eye I got them about two days ago from people that didn't feed good and they also didn't have correct lighting and had gravel in viv I did put in 10.0 uvb light and reptile carpet.They just won't eat greens gave peas carrots apple salad green beans but no luck.But what can I put on eye no reptile vets near me I did took her to the reptile shop and they said just leave the eye alone but its getting worse thanks Sindy

Hi Sindy,

There may be some dust or debris from the gravel she was on that has caused inflammation which can become an infection. Retained skin around the eyelid can lead to the same problem. The lack of greens and veg in the diet also means that she was probably lacking vitamin A which (among other things) plays a role in keeping the eyes moist and healthy.

Start by flushing it as well as you can to help wash out any debris or pus. It will also loosen any old skin stuck around the eye. I prefer to use saline which is sold for contact lenses but you can also just use boiled and cooled water. Gently moving a well moistened cotton tip swab over the eye can often help un-stick the lids and allow them to open it. You have to be very gentle if you try this.

If you have access to any drops or ointment suitable for human eye infections then those can be used on your dragon. In Canada, there is brand called Polysporin that is suitable for eyes and ears and can be purchased  over the counter (without a prescription).

My own vet has also recommended the use of cooled, weak tea to flush infected eyes. The tannins in tea are acidic and act as an anti-bacterial.  


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