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We just got a MHD for my grandson, it was fine the first night even ate a couple of crikets and worms. But the second day all it did was lay there with it's feet tucked up under it. We are having some trouble keeping the humidity up, but I have cover the top partially to help that. I gave it a nice soak in luke warm water treated with de-chlorinator and it seemed to like that. But I am worried because it is not eating anymore and doesn't seem to drink any thing either. I do have a airstone in it's water to create movement. What else can I do??

First, it sort of sounds like your little dragon hasn't even been with you for a week!

Step one, if your sure that humidity and temperature are correct (use a digital thermometer with a remote probe, not one of those stick-on types), then leave the little guy alone.

No handling. No talking to. No soaking. Just let him be.  Reptiles are very sensitive to stress - being in a new environment is stress.  People are stress.  He needs at least a week, maybe two, to get used to the change before you try to interact with him.

MHD normally eat every other day.  Feed him calcium/D3 dusted crickets, phoenix worms, etc (variety is best) - give him all he'll eat in 15 minutes, then remove any that are left over.  (The insects will bite him, if you leave them in there).  

If he appears lethargic, and doesn't resume eating in a couple of days, take him to an experienced reptile veterinarian.  If you bought him from a pet store, and he's not captive bred, he'll need to be checked for health issues and internal parasites, in any case.


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