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yoite and raikou new home
yoite and raikou new h  
His mouth
His mouth  
QUESTION: My juvenile water dragons were rubbing their faces on the tank so I bought a tall cage that They like but now one of their mouth has a little cut and blood its not critical and is healing but how do I keep it disinfected I'm not sure if I can use neosporin or bedadine like I did for other injuries They had when I rescued them so I just wash the cut with water and keep its enclosure clean. What am I suppose to do I don't want him to die of an infection? Here's some pics. They also can't have a lot of height because their balance is really off and They fall alot  :(

ANSWER: Hello Porsher,

Oh poor guy.  Water dragons are nose bangers!
Is your tank glass I forgot?
Yes you can use betadine & dilute it down to look like weak tea.  Then use a swab to clean it off & then polysporin or neosporin either one will be fine to put on.  Hopefully it wont get infected.  
Sure, are you using calcium daily for them?  Which UVB light do you have, the Reptisun 10 tube bulb?
Just be sure the water is kept very clean to help prevent bacteria from entering the wound.  

Are they both eating well also?  
Are they a male & female too?

Let me know how the snout is looking!  


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QUESTION: I use the tropical reptisun 5.0 coil uvb bulb it stays on 12 hours a day and They get calcuim dusted crickets,mealworms,dubia roaches,grasshoppers,hornworms or waxworms twice a week i always switch up calcium insects every week so they wont get bored of the same thing and They stay in a large reptibreeze i think they like open air more than a glas tank and the snout rubbing stopped once I put them in there. They are both young males I think their still too young to tell and They both eat like monsters lol... thank you so much tracie your the best reptile expert I ever spoke to :) and I'll be sure to update you on They snouts I also never had shedding or territoral issues but I'm getting another big cage just in case.

Hello Porsher,

Thank you.  I would recommend getting the Reptisun 5  or the 10 tube bulb, but not the coil.  
Those compact/coil lights don't emit the incorrect wavelength of UVB for them.  
It will be ok for a short while, but the light does need to be changed eventually so that they can absorb their calcium.  

That is excellent the reptibreeze tank is open air so they can't rub the snouts now like they did before.  
Since they are males, you will probably eventually need to separate or partition the tank in case they become too aggressive towards each other.  :-)
I am glad that they are both eating a lot, too!  Be sure to dust the feeders 4 or 5 times per week since they are still growing, too.  The variety is great that they get, I am sure they love it.  

Keep me posted on them both & how the snout is healing up.  



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