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Reptiles/sick baby ball python :(


i bought a normal baby male ball python last saturday at The randburg reptile expo, he eats fine I've fed him a few times no rodens
have scratched or bitten him in my care and i knock The mouse out for all
my snakes so they don't get injured). 2 days ago i noticed near he's tail area and on The side of he's body feels some slightly raised scales and some circular ones aswell its not mites because i tried taking it off and it seems to be he's skin. He's housed in a 10 gal tank, with aspen as bedding, The heat n temps n humidity are all fine but I'm wondering if its a burn from when he was in The pet store or a roden bite? Should i be concerned or will this fix itself when he sheds? Should i boost The humidity? Some of he's scales seem a bit dry and some like a bit dented he has no stuck shed around he's eyes , he can breath fine I've tried just rubbing warm water on he's skin and there's no reptile vets near me, near he's tail it almost seems like one part is a bit dented its just above where he's vent is but on The side of The body before it reaches he's tail. It looks like its dented or been scratched or something before and I'm worried about my little Guy . Then a few days ago i noticed him stargazing and he keeps coming up to The glass in he's tank. Like he's trying to get out when ever i handle him he instantly wraps himself around my hand and kind of squeez's i put him down on The ground to see if it was just my hand but he was moving weird. He wasn't doing this a few weeks ago I've also noticed or well i can't see it, but it looks like he hasn't deficated but he's feeding fine? Please help me i'm only 14 I've never had this problem with any of my other snakes - kind regards :)

Hello Bradley,

Do you know what the humidity is now in his tank & the temperatures?  
What type of heating elements are you using for him?  Are you using a digital probe or temp gun to measure his temperatures?

It sounds like he may have some retained shed possibly.  You can bathe him a couple of times weekly to see if that helps.  Are you planning on going to a larger tank also as he grows?
It definitely could be from a residual burn from the petstore.  
Do you have any pictures I could see of him?  
Was he well fed before you got him?  
If he hasn't gone to the bathroom since you got him, he could be dehydrated a little bit or have a nutritional issue.   
Do you have a water bowl/dish in there for him also?  

I hope that he is doing a little better.  Try to send a picture of him & the tank setup just so I can see everything.
I know that sometimes scales become dry & dented with retaining scales.  Raising the humidity can help that out some.  



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