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QUESTION: i have a bearded dragon he is 5.5 inches long I have had him for about two weeks and he only eats 4 or 5 crickets a day

ANSWER: are you also feeding him a salad? If so a salad and 4 or 5 a day sounds like enough to me. Make sure his lighting is correct and his temperatures and that should be fine.

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QUESTION: I give him salad every morning but he does not eat it I have a reptisun 10.0 uvb light and the basking spot is 100 to 110 and cool side is 80 to 85 during the day at night I use a night I use a black heat bulb

try some different types of greens and some brightly colored fruit make sure you avoid apple seeds as they can be bad. Almost 30 crickets a week doesn't seem like he's being under Fed but if you're worried about it also try varying up his protein some worms some roaches things like that.


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