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Cloudy eye
Cloudy eye  
my male gecko is having some weird health problems
He has a cloudy eye the other one is fine but one is cloudy
He is living alone in a tank
All my geckos live by their selves
The temp is usay 85/ 90
He is on reptile carpet
Poops good
Has calcium in his terrarium
A moist hide water eats good
Whenever he does eat he can't seem to get the worm in his mouth and keep it there he always drops
It I swear he has coordination issues
Iv had opal for 3 years and never had this happen will he be ok

I don't see the eye issue you're referring to, from that photo - but I am not a vet.  My recommendation is to take the gecko to an experienced reptile vet, if you think he may have an eye infection or injury.  This is also a good idea if he seems uncoordinated, or is not eating well.
All of his food should be dusted with a quality calcium powder containing vitamin D3 (having it available for him to lick when he wants is good, but it's not enough).

At age 3, he is still a very young leopard gecko.


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