I got a flap neck chameleon a few weeks ago. she has been doing very well until the last couple of days. she normally eats 10-12 crickets a day. Now in the last 1 and a 1/2 she only eating 1. she is a almost 2 yr old. should I be concern. she is walking around and looks fine. please advise. the gentlemen I got her from has her with males. could she be pregnant, or getting ready to shed her skin. just concerned cause a love reptiles and have not had this problem before.

Dear Frank,

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond, i didn't get the notification email that there was a question pending. If she has been eating well and is still acting normal, I would presume she is getting ready to shed. They often go off their feed a bit prior to shedding. I would contact the previous owner or breeder to find out if she's been with a male if she doesn't shed and continues to not eat normally. As long as her temperature/humidity and light source are what they need to be, I wouldn't worry. Give her a few more days. If anything else out of the ordinary happens, or if she quits eating altogether, please let me know or contact your vet.



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